Bible Art

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Gry Układanki
Desenvolvedor: William McCue
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This is a unique puzzle game that features art inspired by the Bible. Bible Art is for the puzzle enthusiast who enjoys discovering more about the puzzle.

Great artists have turned to the Bible for inspiration. Have you ever asked yourself what the painting was about? Bible Art offers all the background information on famous Biblical paintings!

We have collected over a hundred famous paintings and connected them to the corresponding Biblical passage - the passage that inspired the artist!

The paintings are displayed as colorful puzzles, offering hours of challenge and entertainment. And if you want to see the art on your phone, just shake it and watch as the puzzle is solved before your very eyes!

The Bible texts are from the King James version - the translation first published in 1611.

We hope you enjoy the art and passagesas you scroll by the many famous works of Bible Art. There is no need to travel across the world in search of this art - its all here at your fingertips!